Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pricing Your eBook For Best Results

It's not my job to tell you how to price your book for the Kindle Store, but I don't mind working overtime to share a little experience. Long story short: $2.99 is the sweet spot, 99 cents can be a very powerful lure in a "loss leader" kind of way, and anything over $4 or $5 is likely to have a chilling effect on your sales and royalties if you are an indie author. Am I say your book is worth any less than Fall of Giants? Hell, no. I'm just reminding you that your royalty payments aren't just based on A, they are based on AxB, where A is the royalty per book and B is the number of books sold.

My primary concern here, of course, is that I want to see our authors succeed with their sponsorships. And if you've been seeing dozens of other authors' books climb from #100,000 to the top 1,000 in the sales rankings, and your $7.99 novel only makes it into the top 15,000, I'm just saying: it wasn't because I said nicer things about someone else's book.

(And yes, if you are wondering, you can click on the cover image to download a copy of my book on ebook pricing to your Kindle or just about any other device for $2.99.)

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