Thursday, October 28, 2010

New sponsorship opportunities allow us to open up the calendar a bit with some lower price points

As you may have noticed, our Kindle Nation Daily sponsorships have been so effective and popular that we are currently scheduled well into January for daily options and well into May for weekly options. I'm very attentive to the need to keep a delicate balance between the desire to provide helpful connections between readers and writers and the need to provide readers with the full range of useful content that drives them to take time to read and/or subscribe to Kindle Nation in the first place.

That being said, we've created some new options that open up new sponsorship opportunities for authors and publishers, and the calendar is currently wide open! They are listed on the sponsorship info page here and included on the PayPal pulldown menu, but here's a quick summary:

* 1. Our relatively new sister site, Planet iPad, is growing by leaps and bounds. Its readership and impact, for now, is just a fraction of Kindle Nation's, but it has doubled in the past ten days and under the editorship of Tom Dulaney is already pushing 20 percent of the levels that it has taken Kindle Nation nearly two years to reach. We've just set up a one-day Planet iPad Free Book Alert Sponsorship that is priced very low and the calendar is wide open.

* 2. At Kindle Nation, we've added Option 6 - eBook of the Day Sponsorship - 1 Day, a package that includes several elements:
  • a one-day Planet iPad Free Book Alert Sponsorship;
  • a small linked mention of title and author near the top of the Kindle Nation Daily website for at least 18 hours;
  • a single "Kindle for the Web" sample post on the Kindle Nation Daily website at some time between noon and 8 pm Eastern, with brief linked mention of title and author;
  • one Facebook status post and one Twitter tweet linking back to the "Kindle for the Web" sample post; and
  • one left sidebar "eBook of the Day" ad on the Kindle Nation Daily website for at least 18 hours, with linked title, author, and cover art.
Note: To reap the full benefits of Option 6, you'll want to make sure that your ebook is compatible with the "Kindle for the Web" sample feature, which you can see in this recent Kindle Nation post on Paul Levine's novel Reversal. If you want to check with me on compatibility, send me a simple query with your ten-digit ASIN in  the subject line of your email.

*3. Since the weekly email blasts on which Gold Sponsorships are partially based are sold out until mid-May, we've added a new "Option 5 - Silver Sponsorship" package which allows you to save $10 on a package consisting of Options 1 and 2. Options 1 and 2 are both daily events and there is availability beginning in mid-January for each.

Please keep in mind that everything I've said about availability here should be taken as a snapshot based on the status of things before I send out this newsletter.

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